What do you think of when you hear the word bodybuilder? Probably some monstrous looking human who must be pumped full of steroids? Well first of all, lets clear that up. Bodybuilding simply refers to the sport of lifting weights as a means of shaping the body. That’s it, no steroids or monsters involved. Bodybuilding has gotten a bad reputation over the years which is completely off. It is my belief that through bodybuilding principals every willing and able human has the ability to craft the body of their dreams in the most efficient way possible. Through a resistance training program, proper nutrition and a lot of motivation, I was able to change my body from the chubby kid, to a skinny avid runner, to one of the strongest lifters in my weight class (at school), to now where I currently am very satisfied with my compact, muscular size with more energy and power that I ever dreamed of. That is bodybuilding.

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