Contrary to popular belief, great bodies are built in the kitchen not the gym. Ok, the gym definitely plays a role but to put things in perspective it really is about 70% kitchen and 30% gym. It would be nearly impossible to achieve your dream body without putting the up most importance on nutrition. People will go to the gym for hours and absolutely destroy their core in hopes of achieveing the elusive six pack meanwhile, when they get home they eat a bowl of ice cream as a reward! That is not how it works. 1 step forwards then 1 step back means you are in the same place and not moving anywhere! Those who stand still will be run over. So, you skip the bowl of ice cream now what should you eat? Well first, bring to mind your goal, are you hoping to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain? I am going to oversimplify here but hear me out: you need to find out how many calories you are burning daily via either an online calculator or some sort or wearable fitness tracker. Let’s say based on your life style you burn around 2000 calories a day, perfect that is the first step. Now, you need to start tracking the food you eat everyday! There are countless apps and websites for this. Back to the 2000 calories that you are burning per day, if you were to have a weight loss goal the aim would be to eat 1500 calories a day. This would mean you are burning roughly 500 calories a day more than you are eating which translates into losing around one pound a week, a safe and realistic number. The same applies if you are looking to gain weight. You should be eating around 2500 calories a day which again roughly, translates to gaining a pound a week. If your goal is maintain your weight then you would eat 2000 calories a day. (hopefully you are beginning to see the pattern, 500 calories is all you need to worry about) Now you have the information, you are on your way to the body of your dreams!

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