Daily routines

It’s common knowledge that if you win the morning you win the day. That being said, each morning you should set very little goals that are almost impossible to fail. For example, making your bed. This may seem very pointless but this method was developed by monks and the thinking behind it is this: almost every single person is able to make their bed in the morning very easily at that and in doing so you are completing your first task of the day which will just make you want to check off more tasks throughout the day. As well, no matter what happens throughout the day, no matter how many things don’t go your way you know that you at least have a made bed to come back to at the end of the day and that is a win. It may seem like such an irrelevant task but overtime you will see the benefits. Another morning routine is to do a few simple reps of exercise to get you going for the day, 10 push-ups is all your need for it is not a workout but a goal that you can easily complete to win the morning. Lastly, as I eat my morning breakfast I like to think of goals for the day and what will make my day great and a win, followed up with a shower and my day is ready to begin. Equally important, are evening / before bed rituals. This is the time of day we get to reflect on our days and later rest and recharge our bodies and minds. I find a good practice is to have a nice long shower to relax the body before getting into bed at which point I will think of my wins from the day as well as what I didn’t do so well which often becomes a goal for the following day. Whatever your reflection may be, it is essential to relax and let your mind rest before going to sleep as racing thoughts may keep you awake for hours. One of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself is turning my phone off 1 hour before bed and leaving it off for 1 hour in the morning. I cannot stress how many benefits come from this practice. I now have the time to read books, I get some of my best thinking done in these 1 hour windows and I generally start and end the day in a more positive mood where as I don’t heave to deal with the black hole that technology sucks you into. Everything I have mentioned above is very easy to do and if done consistently and with focus then the results will show through! Time to try it for yourself!

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