Failure and over training

As briefly mentioned in past articles, training to failure is a key concept in building muscle as well as just generally making progress in the gym. Training till failure does not mean that you must spend hours upon hours in the gym until you drop, that is very ineffective and not the point of training till faliure. However, what it does mean is when you go into the gym with a plan say you are planning to partake in arm day and have a set plan of 10 different exercises to complete you need to push yourself to the max in each and every lift so much to the point that you cannot possibly move the weight. Say you have a goal of muscle building (hypertrophy) and therefore plan to do 10 reps of each exercise. Then, an appropriate weight needs to be selected so that by the last rep or 2 you are under so much strain that it is impossible to get the weight to move anymore. It is hitting this point of failure that actually builds the muscle and helps you progress not the many reps before. That being said, you cannot skip the first reps and just hit failure on your first rep by lifting an extremely heavy weight, you must go through the first 8 or so reps and then push the last few out until you literally can’t anymore! If you can do that than I garuntee you will make progress and leave the gym after your session knowing your doing the best job possible! So, now you know the key to progressing as fast as possible why not just go and train your arms till failure every single day and get huge arms? Well, when you push yourself to this point of failure which I cannot stress enough is crucial, your body needs adiquite time to recover up to 48 hours infact. You may feel able to crank out some curls everyday but it is not physically possible for your body to keep growing if being trained everyday, remember your body actually grows while you rest not while you work! What this means is alternating work and rest days or training different muscle groups each day in order to rest certain areas depending on what your program looks like. If your one of those stubborn people who thinks they have what it takes to train hard day after day let me warn you of the serious effects of over training. Not only do you have the obvious effects of low energy training and as mentioned before you will actually cause yourself to platuo with over training. On top of that, you will experience unnecessary soreness, headaches, weakened imunity, joint issues amount many others undisreable things. That scary information out of the way, the goal was not to scare you out of training rather to inform you that you should give it your all in the gym and leave it all on the floor and then give yourself a well deserved rest after. This all comes with a good plan and practice so stayed informed and get it done!

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