Going against the flow

No body wants you to win but you period. Your haters want to see you fail, your friends don’t want you to be better than them and your family wants you to take the safe route through life shutting down any big dreams and ideas you may have. For many people looking to push the limits of what is considered normal and Chase greatness this is reality. The first thing you should do is find yourself a circle of dreamers just like yourself and surround yourself with success. Success breads success and the path to it can be a lonely one. If you want to be the best than it means disaccoiating yourself with many people that drag you down, some of them could be the people closest to you such as friends and family. These people do not understand why we operate the way we do. They don’t understand why we wake up early, go to sleep early, eat piles of food, destroy ourselves in the gym, they will never understand until we win. Throughout the process the world will be against you and it may be one of the toughest things you ever face. Telling your peers that you can’t go out and party and trying to explain every weekend why that is pushes them away. But this is not a bad thing. Think about all the professional athletes in the world, the millionaires, these successful people all had to face the same thing to get to the place they are and now they have nation’s behind them. You think LeBron James was the most popular kid in school always showing off and partying all the time. Probably not, he was the kid in the gym grinding it out day in and day out and probably didn’t have alot of support around him. Maybe he was called crazy. Look at him now with millions of fans, millions of dollars and the only crazy he is, is crazy good. The process of being a huge success really is go big or go home, except don’t go home if u fail, keep going big until you win! Your parents or guardians, friends, teachers, co-workers even if they have your back and your success in mind, they are all afraid of failure and because of that they may try and talk you out of life. “Get a 9-5 job, garuntee yourself a steady income, be smart, blah blah blah”. If you listen to that advice that’s fine you are like most people and you will probably do fine in life. Those of you who want to be the best and have a disire to be the most successful, why would you take the advice of an average person. You need to push these people away in order to stay focused and remember, every big thing started out as a crazy idea, it’s only crazy until you do it. So, go against the flow, shoot the big shots and if you miss than just shoot again but whatever you do, please don’t let anyone talk you out of your best life. Now Get after it!

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