Specialty Training

A large focus of this blog is placed on weight training and subsequently bodybuilding/body shaping however, I want to broaden the scope here and look at different types of training for different goals, looks, sports and get into the details of what makes certain workouts hit differently than others. For simplicity sake, we are going to take a look at the best methods to build muscle, get stronger, raise endurance, and sport specific training. For now, diet will be left out of the picture (read up on everything you need to know under “Nutrition”). First off, we need to look at how muscle is built. When weights are lifted and micro tearing takes place in the targeted muscle (the act of breaking the muscle fibre in order for it to grow back larger) is called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is what anyone looking to put on muscle needs to achieve and this is done so by lifting weights till faliure for 8-12 repetitions usually incorporating exercises for each part of the body in order to provide symmetry and all around good looks. Next, for athletes looking to add strength it is not so much about hypertrophy but more so about lifting the heaviest weight possible for only a few reps, more specifically 3-6 and the main focus should be on bench press, deadlifts and squats as these are by far the best for increaseimg full body strength. After that, we have endurance athletes which is anyone who has to do many reps or move a long distance and needs their bodies to hold up. The best way to train for this is to use light weights or even just bodyweight and crank out between 15-30 reps again trying to hit all parts of the body. Last but not least, it would be impossibly lengthy to go into detail about how to best train for each and every sport so take this as an overview. Of the three goals above (muscle, strength, and endurance) at least one of those likely 2 maybe even all three apply to your sport and because of that certain training days should be put towards each type of training. For example, a football player will most certainly need strength, endurance, and probably wish to add some muscle so training could look like this: Monday- full body hypertrophy day to build muscle Wednesday- strength day (bench press, deadlifts, squats etc) Friday- bodyweight full body endurance day (lots of reps of push ups, air squats, burpees etc). Last but certainly not least (for real this time), one thing that probably has definitely not been given enough attention on this blog is cardio. Each type of training above comes with it’s own method of cardio best suited for results. For building muscle, I highly recommend looking into HIIT (high intensity interval training) as a means of stripping off fat to reveal the hard earned muscle underneath as well as making the body powerful through sprints and other quick bursts of energy. For athletes looking to pack on strength HIIT would be an option or even the counter part LISS (low intensity steady state) which would be like going for a jog. Good for the heart but not as effective as producing power as HIIT. For endurance athletes is clearly makes sense to use endurance cardio such as a long runs or rows or bike sessions as a means of cardio in order to build up the bodily systems needed for long events. All of the above types of cardio can again be transferred to specific sport training just apply the type that best suits the goal you are after! (Read more in depth about cardio under “Cardio” article). That was a huge chunk of information to take in but just read it over as many times as needed , do your research and start applying more specific training to take you to the next level!

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