A huge part of overall success in life is to have limited or no stress. All the money in the world can not buy happiness if an individual is stressed out. Luckily, there are some pretty simple ways to combat the stress of every day life no matter how big or small it may feel. Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by something I try and mentally take a step back and ask myself the following questions: first of all, what am I stressed about? Second, is there anything I can do about this problem? If the answer is no, then I immediately stop stressing because clearly there is nothing I can do therefore, what is the point in stressing you just have to go with it. Similarly, if the answer is yes then I will immediately do the thing that should solve the problem and if it works then great stress gone but again, if it doesn’t work then there is nothing you can do and no point stressing. That may seem to simple to actually work but I assure you taking a step back and disaccoiating yourself directly from a source of stress can put in perspective how simple the problem really is. Do something to relieve the stress or there in nothing you can do and being stress won’t help anyways, whichever of the two happens you should end up significantly calmer and less overwhelmed afterwards. Not only does stress cause unhappiness which we obviously want to avoid, but it actually effects or bodies physically and mentally as well. Being in a stressed out state can actually stop progress from being made in the gym so much that famous bodybuilder (among other things) Arnold Schwarzenegger can be quoted from the movie “Pumping Iron” that he would not even care if someone came to his house and stole his car, he would call insurance because that is the only thing he can really do than he would move on with his day. He like many other educated people know the effects stress has on the mind, body and soul and literally just says no to being stressed. It really is a skill that can be developed through constant practice and is one of the most valuable practices that anyone can use because I do not know one person that does not face some stress every single day. So, it’s up to you now to decide whether to keep living the same old stressed out life or start playing offense in your life and question your stress until it is no longer. Get it done!

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