What to eat

If you have made it this far then I strongly suggest that you read the previous posts before diving into this one as they are the lead you need to understand why I will suggest eating certain foods. Now, with that out of the way I wish to inform you on some of the best and as well some of the worst foods you can eat on your health and fitness journey in relation to calories and macronutrients. So, the easy way to break it down is to look at each of the macronutrient groups (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and look at some of the best, worst, and some myths about each category. First of all, Carbohydrates: These are all your sugar products whether it be bread, cereal, fruit, candy, cake, etc, the list just goes on. So, obviously there is a massive difference between say a bowl of whole grain cereal v.s a cake v.s candy but what really is the difference (aside from what you have probably been told since birth “whole grains are healthy and obviously cake, candy, etc, are not) but why? Because really they are all carbs. Well, that leads to the first important term you should take from this being: fast and slow carbs. Fast carbs are carbohydrates that are very high in sugar and therefore digest very rapidly giving you a spike in energy and thereafter a crash. Fast carbs are much more likely to get stored in the body as fat as they digest much to fast and generally cannot be used effectively by the body. Fast carbs include foods like candy, cake, fruit believe it or not, white bread, generally anything that is not whole wheat / whole grain and will likely be high in sugar. On the opposite side there is slow carbs which take much longer to digest, do not cause a spike and crash effect and generally give you long lasting enegry throughout the day. Slow carbs are much less likely to be stored as fat as the body can readily use them as a source of energy. Examples of slow carbs are: whole grain / whole wheat breads, cereals, pastas, oats, etc. So, clearly it is much better to avoid the sugary food and opt for long lasting healthy enegry but that being said, I would never advise against eating fruits and vegetables due to their high sugar. I will however say don’t overdo it, avoid fruit and vegetable juice as much as possible instead choose water but I recommend still eating a fair amount of fruit and veggies throughout the day as they supply you vitamins, minerals and sometimes you just need some quick sugar say right before a workout for some energy, much better to eat some berries then a package of candy. Next up, protein: which is alot more simple in the aspect there is no “fast” or “slow” protein simply just some better sources than others. Some of the best, leanest (low fat) protein sources are chicken breasts, fish, egg whites, beef jerky, cottage cheese, beans, and for now I will exclude protein bars and powders. Last but not least, you have the fat products which in no means should scare people away! Fat in moderation is essential in a healthy diet as long as it comes from clean sources such as: eggs, nuts, almonds, salmon, milk, etc. Now, all that being said there is still countless examples of healthy foods in each category I just gave you a start. One thing people might notice I did not include is red meat such as steak or a burger which is because the high levels of unhealthy fats. That being said even I can’t resist having a juicy steak once in awhile! Remember it’s all in moderation, now do your homework and clean up that diet!

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