Women and bodybuilding

Hopefully we haven’t already scared our female viewers away with the first post titled bodybuilding. I really would like to elaborate that bodybuilding does not turn you into so monstrous looking human, I promise you that. It often deters women from ever trying out this amazing sport for fear of taking on a “manly” or masculine look. Let me be the first to tell you, muscle is very hard to build and takes a lot of time to put on substantial amount! Bodybuilding is really whatever you make of it, if you were to stick to a heavy resistance program for a long period of time and really put all you have into it then you could transform your body to get that huge classic bodybuilder look however, if your goal is simply to have a nice toned, slim, athletic or whatever word you might use to describe an attractive body then weights are your best friend! The most important piece of advice I can give you right now is stop running. You hate doing it and I hate seeing people run in hopes of shaping their body because it does not work! Running is very simply for heart and lungs health and dropping weight not shaping the body (read article: “Body Weight v.s. Body Fat) I will summarise it here: running may drop your overall weight but not your fat levels which in turn means the best you should hope for is to turn out scrawny and weak! However, with a weight training program (bodybuilding) you will be toning your body in the right spots, adding or firming up muscle at the same time while dropping your fat levels! This is the only way to achieve that athletic “ideal” look! In no way does bodybuilding mean you have to become huge as that is very hard to do, used correctly and following a smart weight training plan, bodybuilding can be the key most people are missing to achieving their dream bodies!

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