Weight training

No matter where your starting point is, you have likely either done weight training yourself or seen other people doing it. There are a few different ways to weight train however they all originate from the same thing which is obviously the act of lifting weights. That being said, walking into the gym and randomly … Continue reading Weight training

Nutrient timing

To dive even deeper into the complicated world of nutrition we come across the factor of when to eat, and at which times certain foods will be the most beneficial. Keep in mind, none of this is written in stone and everyone has slightly different needs, schedules and bodies. That out of the way, it … Continue reading Nutrient timing

Specialty Training

A large focus of this blog is placed on weight training and subsequently bodybuilding/body shaping however, I want to broaden the scope here and look at different types of training for different goals, looks, sports and get into the details of what makes certain workouts hit differently than others. For simplicity sake, we are going … Continue reading Specialty Training

Intermittent fasting

Traditionally, fasting is in regards to going an extended period of time with little to no food. Although this has been proven to have some health and possibly religious benefits fasting is normally something that I and many others think to be to extreme (I am open to the idea but have never personally fasted). … Continue reading Intermittent fasting

Failure and over training

As briefly mentioned in past articles, training to failure is a key concept in building muscle as well as just generally making progress in the gym. Training till failure does not mean that you must spend hours upon hours in the gym until you drop, that is very ineffective and not the point of training … Continue reading Failure and over training