If your reading this right now then it means that something has motivated you. Motivation can come from a number of places and almost all are good. However if your motives are hate, revenge, or any other external force then that is a start but not sustainable. So, some dude stole your girl and now your gonna get huge and you’ll show him right? Sure, that might carry you for a few months, maybe even a year but what happens when you get over that girl, or over that problem in your life, then your motivation is gone. Say your buddy is pushing you to go to the gym with him and your doing it but hate every second. Good for you but you’re wasting your time. I truly believe that the only way you will make progressive in anything in life is if You are are happy doing it and internally motivated. That being said, we all have to start somewhere. I myself got started with bodybuilding and fitness after years of being the chubby, weak and insecure kid. I decided it was time to make a change and the “I’ll show them” mindset kicked in. That probably carried me for a year and a half, that pain of being the weak kid was enough to kick me into gear and carry me for over a year! But then what, I was no longer weak, chubby or anything to laugh at so now what? Give up the gym and healthy eating go back to how it was? Maintain what I had (stand still)? No! At this point fitness had become my passion. I have lived and breathed fitness from that point on for no reason other than internal motivation. It is simply put, a part of me now. I do not crave chips, chocolate or candy anymore I crave hitting the gym, having a protein shake and seeing results! Where ever your motivation comes from, stick with it until you become so internally motivated that nothing and no one could stop you! “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Eric Thomas

Goals and dreams

Now that you have thought about what motivates you, roll with it! The next step is to set goals and think about dreams. If you don’t have a goal then you are walking around blind and are destined to end up somewhere you didn’t intend to. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend four sharpening the axe” George Washington. You need a plan, but for now just think about the result. What is your dream life or dream scenario? Let’s say you want be rich living in California and the most ripped guy on the beach. I will never be the person to tell you to set “realistic” goals and dreams. Every great and new thing started out as a crazy idea that most people did not believe in but lucky you, I believe in you. For now though, let’s keep it simple and set a physical goal that extends from the dream. For example: “I want to be ripped and have a six pack.” Great, you now have a focus but when should you start working on it? Right here and right now no excuses. There is nothing stopping you, I don’t want to hear that you don’t have time or you are to tired, if you want to dream big then you better damn work for it. Your dream is only achievable through hard work and consistency so, dream big and put the effort in! Worst thing that can happen if you work hard and fail to meet your goals: pain. But you need to understand that pain is a great thing. The pain you feel when you set huge goals and fail to complete them can be exactly what you need to take that next step. (Read the next article: pain and embracing the darkness to see what I mean). Now you have your homework, think about where you want your life to go, how your going to get there, and then get started!

Pain and Embracing the Darkness

So, you set a huge goal and failed. Now what? You people need to realise that the pain you are faced with when u set a huge goal and fail to achieve it is a great thing. Failure can be one of the biggest motives for change and it can fuel years of success. The whole thing about pain if you want to put in in perspective is mental toughness. If you are able to go through things that are hard, painful, outside of your comfort zone, whatever it is if you make it through and keep going when you get to the other side it makes you tougher. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” For example: some people (you might think it’s crazy) but they specifically train is the worst weather. It’s raining outside? Perfect they go for a run because in their mind they know that none of their competition is willing to do this so they are literally toughing their minds to be able to withstand more. Say the day of the race comes and it’s a thunderstorm. The runners who practice in the rain every time won’t even care! Or say it’s a super hot day, doesn’t matter the mentally tough runner takes on challenges and knows how to fight through the pain and achieve success. A very small but effective method I use to practice this in everyday life is by finishing every shower with about 60 seconds of freezing cold water. Not only does it have health benefits but I do it because I know none of my competition is willing to deal with pain like I am so I make it my mission to be tougher. Winners are tough and they know who to deal with pain, they know how to take everything negative them people say to them, about them or whatever it is and turn it into productive energy. People who succeed feed on the darkness around them, they harness all the negative energy in their life and use it to get up and do stuff. Make it your mission every day to do the little things that other people are not willing to even if it seems insignificant at the time, it’s the constant pushing of the comfort zone that makes you stronger and tougher and able to withstand more than anyone else.

Daily routines

It’s common knowledge that if you win the morning you win the day. That being said, each morning you should set very little goals that are almost impossible to fail. For example, making your bed. This may seem very pointless but this method was developed by monks and the thinking behind it is this: almost every single person is able to make their bed in there morning very easily and in doing so you are completing your first task of the day which will just make you want to check off more tasks throughout the day. As well, no matter what happens throughout the day, no matter how many things don’t go your way you know that you at least have a made bed to come back to at the end of the day and that is a win. It may seem like such an irrelevant task but overtime you will see the benefits. Another morning routine is to do a few simple reps of exercise to get you going for the day, 10 push-ups is all your needs it is not a workout but a goal that you can easily complete to win the morning. Lastly as I eat my morning breakfast I like to think of goals for the day and what will make my day great and a win, followed up by a shower and my day is ready to begin. Equally important, are evening/ before bed rituals. This is the time of day we get to reflect on our days and later rest and recharge our bodies and minds. A good practice before bed is to have a nice long shower to relax the body before getting into bed at which point I will think of my wins from the day as well as what I didn’t do so well which often becomes a goal for the following day. Whatever your reflection may be, it is essential to relax and let your mind rest before going to sleep as racing thoughts may keep you awake for hours. One of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself is turning my phone off 1 hour before bed and leaving it off for 1 hour in the morning. I cannot stress how many benefits come from this practice. I now how time to read books, I get some of my best thinking done in these 1 hour windows and I generally start and end the day in a more positive mood where as I don’t heave to deal with the black hole that technology sucks you into. Everything I have mentioned above is very easy to do and it done consistently and with focus then the results will show through! Time to try it for yourself!


A huge part of overall success in life is to have limited or no stress. All the money in the world can not buy happiness if an individual is stressed out. Luckily, there are some pretty simple ways to combat the stress of every day Life no matter how big or small it may feel. Anytime I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by something I try and mentally take a step back and ask myself the following questions: first of all, way am I stressed about. Second, is there anything I can do about this problem. If the answer is no, then I immediately stop stressing because clearly there is nothing I can do therefore what is the point in stressing. Similarly, if the answer is yes then I will immediately do the thing that should solve the problem and if it works then great stress gone but again if it doesn’t work then there is nothing you can do no point stressing. That may seem to simple to work but I assure you taking a step back and disaccoiating yourself directly from a source of stress can put in perspective how simple it really is. Do something to relieve the stress or there in nothing you can do and being stress won’t help anyways, whichever of the two happens you should end up significantly calmer and less overwhelmed afterwards. Not only does stress cause unhappiness which we obviously want to avoid it actually effects or bodies physically and mentally. Being in a stressed out state can actually stop progress from being made in the gym so much that famous bodybuilder (among other things) Arnold Schwarzenegger can be quoted from the movie “Pumping Iron” that he would not even care if someone came to his house and stole his car, he would call insurance because that is the only thing he can really do than he would move on with his day. He like many other educated people know the effects stress has on the mind, body and soul and literally just says no to being stressed. It really is a skill that can be developed through constant practice and is one of the most valuable practices that anyone can use because I do not know one person that does not face some stress every single day. So, it’s up to you now to decide whether to keep living the same old stressed out life or start playing offense in your life and question your stress until it is no longer. Get it done!

Going against the flow

No body wants you to win but you period. Your haters want to see you fail, your friends don’t want you to be better than them and your family wants you to take the safe route through life shutting down any big dreams and ideas you may have. For many people looking to push the limits of what is considered normal and Chase greatness this is reality. The first thing you should do is find yourself a circle of dreamers just like yourself and surround yourself with success. Success breads success and the path to it can be a lonely one. If you want to be the best than it means disaccoiating yourself with many people that drag you down, some of them could be the people closest to you such as friends and family. These people do not understand why we operate the way we do. They don’t understand why we wake up early, go to sleep early, eat piles of food, destroy ourselves in the gym, they will never understand until we win. Throughout the process the world will be against you and it may be one of the toughest things you ever face. Telling your peers that you can’t go out and party and trying to explain every weekend why that is pushes them away. But this is not a bad thing. Think about all the professional athletes in the world, the millionaires, these successful people all had to face the same thing to get to the place they are and now they have nation’s behind them. You think LeBron James was the most popular kid in school always showing off and partying all the time. Probably not, he was the kid in the gym grinding it out day in and day out and probably didn’t have alot of support around him. Maybe he was called crazy. Look at him now with millions of fans, millions of dollars and no one calling him crazy. The process of being a huge success really is go big or go home, except don’t go home if u fail, keep going big until you win! Your parents or guardians, friends, teachers, co-workers even if they have your back and your success in mind, they are all afraid of failure and because of that they may try and talk you out of life. “Get a 9-5 job, garuntee yourself a steady income, be smart, blah blah blah”. If you listen to that advice that’s fine you are like most people and you will probably do fine in life. Those of you who want to be the best and have a disire to be successful, why would you take the advice of an average person. You need to push these people away in order to stay focused and remember, every big thing started out as a crazy idea, it’s only crazy until you do it. So, go against the flow, shoot the big shots and if you miss than just shoot again but whatever you do, please don’t let anyone talk you out of your best life. Now Get after it!


So, here we are at the last post of Builtstrong phase 1. Over the course of these blog posts you have had so much information thrown at you on a number of topics some of which may be brand new to you, some of the topics you may not agree with, some may spark engaging discuss. Overall, the while point of this site is to put our knowledge to good use and help as many people achieve success in life as possible. If anything is taken from this series it should be that you and only you control your mindset and what you make of your life. So take what you have learned, do some further research, get in touch with our team and tell us what you think, ask questions, tell us your opinion. Whatever you do, take action. Knowledge is only power when applied so take everything you have learned and put it good use. We sincerely hope that we have been able to positively impact people’s life, be it even one person, we are truly greatful for your ongoing support and interest in us, and ours in you. Stay tuned for phase 2, and stay Builtstrong!