Fat loss

Fat loss is probably the most discussed topic in the world of health most likely because it would be hard to find 1 person who would complain about losing fat no matter what level of athlete or not they are. The downside of this being such a discussed topic is all the bullshit information that … Continue reading Fat loss


So, here we are at the last post of Builtstrong phase 1. Over the course of these blog posts you have had so much information thrown at you on a number of topics some of which may be brand new to you, some of the topics you may not agree with, some may spark engaging … Continue reading Mindset


From fitness, to nutrition, to life advice, and everything in between, start at the top and work your way down through phase 1 of Builtstrong! Or, feel free to narrow in on a certain topic via the search bar! Whatever brought you here, it is our sincere wish that through our content and your determination … Continue reading Welcome!