Contrary to popular belief, great bodies are built in the kitchen not the gym. Ok, the gym definitely plays a role but to put things in perspective it really is about 70% kitchen and 30% gym. It would be nearly impossible to achieve your dream body without putting the up most importance on nutrition. People … Continue reading Calories


If you're reading this right now then it means that something has motivated you. Motivation can come from a number of places and almost all are good. However if your motives are hate, revenge, or any other external force, then that is a start but not sustainable. So, some dude stole your girl and now … Continue reading Motivation

Women and bodybuilding

Hopefully we haven't already scared our female viewers away with the first post titled bodybuilding. I really would like to elaborate that bodybuilding does not turn you into so monstrous looking human, I promise you that. It often deters women from ever trying out this amazing sport for fear of taking on a "manly" or … Continue reading Women and bodybuilding