Weight training

No matter where your starting point is, you have likely either done weight training yourself or seen other people doing it. There are a few different ways to weight train however they all originate from the same thing which is obviously the act of lifting weights. That being said, walking into the gym and randomly picking up a pair of weights and jumping into whatever exercises first comes to your mind is more likely to put you in the hospital then to leave you with the results you are going for. That means before you even enter the gym, you should have a soild plan of how much you are going to attempt lifting and which exercises you wish to preform. This is where exercises (movement), reps (how many times you lift the weight) , and sets (number of times you do the reps) comes into play. Keeping your goal in mind, whether it be endurance, strength, fat loss, adding muscle or whatever it may be, all can be achieved through weight lifting however with slightly different rep and set schemes. For example: if you are looking to add muscle you may wish to preform around 8-12 reps v.s if you were more looking to add strength you would only wish to complete 4-6 reps with a heavier weight. For endurance you should preform between 15-20 reps with a lighter weight. That leaves fat loss which is more so to do with diet, you could complete any rep scheme based on one of the goals above on top of fat loss. No matter what your goal is and the connected rep scheme you should always aim to hit failure by the end of the set. Failure is when you can no longer physically lift the weight, this concept will be further discussed in the article: “Training Principals”. In general, my recommendation for any level of athlete starting a new weight training program is to start with very light weights in order to get a feel for each exercise some of which could be completely new. Also, I would recommend completing 3 different full body workouts on 3 alternating days such as Monday Wednesday and Friday in order to provide proper rest. Another recommendation, is to only complete 1 set of each exercise for the first month of training as more than that is going to push to body to hard. Now, that is a lot of information to take in so I would like to summarise: The first month of any new weight training program for me consists of 3 different full body workouts one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with each workout built of between 12-16 different exercises, I preform 8 reps till failure with only one set of each exercise. Now you know that hitting the gym is a lot more than just running in and picking up some dumbbells you need to really plan and think about your workout before you start in order to achieve optimum results. Next thing you should do is start thinking about an exercise plan which can be a daunting task for a beginner so feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help!

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