Pain and embracing the darkness

So, you set a huge goal and failed. Now what? You people need to realise that the pain you are faced with when u set a huge goal and fail to achieve it is a great thing. Failure can be one of the biggest motives for change and it can fuel years of success. The whole thing about pain if you want to put in in perspective is mental toughness. If you are able to go through things that are hard, painful, outside of your comfort zone, whatever it is, if you can push through and keep going when you get to the other side it makes you tougher. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” For example: some people (you might think it’s crazy) but they specifically train is the worst weather. It’s raining outside? Perfect they go for a run because in their mind they know that none of their competition is willing to do this so they are literally toughing their minds to be able to withstand more. Say the day of the race comes and it’s a thunderstorm. The runners who practice in the rain every time won’t even care! Or say it’s a super hot day, doesn’t matter the mentally tough runner takes on challenges and knows how to fight through the pain and achieve success. A very small but effective method I use to practice this in everyday life is by finishing every shower with about 60 seconds of freezing cold water. Not only does it have health benefits but I do it because I know none of my competition is willing to deal with pain like I am so I make it my mission to be tougher. Winners are tough and they know who to deal with pain, they know how to take everything negative that people say to them, about them or whatever it is and turn it into productive energy. People who succeed feed on the darkness around them, they harness all the negative energy in their life and use it to go out and do stuff. Make it your mission every day to do the little things that other people are not willing to even if it seems insignificant at the time, it’s the constant pushing of the comfort zone that makes you stronger, tougher and able to withstand more than anyone else.

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