Nutrient timing

To dive even deeper into the complicated world of nutrition we come across the factor of when to eat, and at which times certain foods will be the most beneficial. Keep in mind, none of this is written in stone and everyone has slightly different needs, schedules and bodies. That out of the way, it only makes logical sense to start in the morning first thing when you wake up. I believe the day should be started off with a healthy serving of protein say around 20 grams just to replenish the body after a good nights sleep. I also think it’s important to have a fairly high serving of slow carbs such as whole wheat toast or oatmeal, lots of options. Last but not least, it’s always healthy to have a small amount of fat in the morning to get the brain going and to give the body an extra store of energy. I avoid almost all juices and sodas and therefore opt for a large glass of water in the morning. my personal daily breakfast is an unchanging: protein bar, banana, whole grain rice crisp topped with just under a tablespoon of sun butter (any nut butter is fine) with water on the side. This gives me energy for the day and comes in just around 400 calories. Next up, lunch: for me lunch is usually a busy time as I am either in school or at work and it’s hard to make anything complex however, I make it work. Just like breakfast I believe lunch should be a well balenced meal of carbs, fat and protien so I normally put together a sandwich on whole wheat bread with lots of lean meat (sliced ham, chicken, etc), lettuce, along with abit of cheese and a dash of mayonnaise for taste with another tall glass of water. After that, dinner: at this time of day you should try your hardest to avoid fast carbs that are full of sugar and will keep you up all night and be turned to fat by your body. It’s good to again get a healthy serving of protein, abit of fat, and the rest slow carbs which can be digested throughout the night. Another crucial part of my day is snacks: I try and eat almost every two hours of the day which means my meals are smaller than usual but I eat about 6 times a day. Snacks throughout the day can differ depending on if you need some fast carbs for energy or some protein and fats. A huge part of nutrient timing that I would like to focus on in this article is post workout. Whether you go for a run, lift weights or whatever kind of workout you have completed it is essential that you give your body around 20 grams of protein and about the same about of fast carbs such as juice or fruit as early as 15 minutes after completing the workout in order for muscles to repair and be ready to go again. (Read more on this in the fitness section: Building Muscle) last but not least, there is an everlasting debate about eating before bed or not. It is my practice to try and make dinner the last meal of my day therefore not eating for about 2 hours before sleep which gives the body lots of time to digest and break down food before morning however, many athletes worry about their muscles breaking down throughout the night as they are used to eating all day then their bodies are without food all night. That is why I use the strategy of eating a slow digesting protien such as milk before bed which will slowly digest in my body throughout the night releaving fear of losing hard earned muscle. Now you have another huge part of health and nutrition that most people do not so take advantage and go put it to use!

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