Fat loss

Fat loss is probably the most discussed topic in the world of health most likely because it would be hard to find 1 person who would complain about losing fat no matter what level of athlete or not they are. The downside of this being such a discussed topic is all the bullshit information that people try and pass as facts. Let me tell you one very simple fact, if you want to lose weight the only thing you have to do is eat less calories then you burn and you will garunted lose weight, it’s science. For very overweight people this may be a great place to start as all you need to do is track / calculate the calories you burn a day and eat a day and then stick to the plan! That being said fat loss is definitely not a one size fits all plan and what works for one person might be the completely wrong approach for others. Moving on, let’s look at what a slightly overweight person or anyone just moderately interested in cleaning up their weight and body image. For this group I would again of course track food and calories burned however now I would also recommend cleaning up the diet in a very basic sense of trying to cut out junk and fast food and try and eat “clean” foods like vegetables and lean meats. Dialing into already health concious people and possibly those who already are in decent shape just looking to take it to that next level are probably eating in a a calorie deficit (burning more calories than eating) daily as well realizeing macronutrients (read article above) start to play a big role and food choices start to matter that much more. To jump to those who are certainly already in shape and just looking to take it to the extreme this is for you. The body has likely adjusted to being in a calorie deficit and the clean eating at this point and this is the time to switch things up abit and trick the body into getting shredded. My favorite method of doing this is by calorie and carb cycling. Traditionally, these are two different things which is still good but when combined I find it a killer combo. The general guidelines of calorie cycling for me are 3 days in an exreme deficit of around 800 calories immediately followed by 2 days of a low calorie deficit of only 200 calories. This method translates into the same deficit a week as if you were to be in a set defect everyday aiming to drop about a pound (give or take) a week however the spike in extremes seems to force the body to change and really shed that hard to lose fat. I include carb cycling in the fashion of very simply dropping the precentage of carbs I eat each of the low calorie days and on the opposite raising the precentage on the high calorie days. For example, day 1 of low calories I may eat about 40% of my daily intake coming from carbs while on day 2 and 3 I would only eat around 35% and then 30%. Jump to the 2 high calorie days and you would see me eating around 45% day 1 and then 50% day 2. Drop back down on the following low calorie day and you have a very successful cycle of carbs and calories working to your advantage helping you achieve a sculptured low fat body you desire! These different phases should not be skipped and be brutally honest with yourself, if you are in the very overweight catagory then start with the above stratiges! Jumping ahead to a more advanced plan will not be helpful in the least. One thing to keep in mind is the more weight and bodyfat you have to easier it is to lose, shredding off the last few pounds of fat is entirely harder then the first few hense the difference in approach! Take what you learned and go get ripped!

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