Intermittent fasting

Traditionally, fasting is in regards to going an extended period of time with little to no food. Although this has been proven to have some health and possibly religious benefits fasting is normally something that I and many others think to be to extreme (I am open to the idea but have never personally fasted). That being said, many individuals wheather it be athletes or just health concious people practice something called intermittent fasting in one way or another. The common way to do this is by eating only 1-3 large meals a day while not eating anything the remainder of the day. For example, some choose to go all day with only water and coffee then come dinner time they eat a huge meal. This could be done as well by fasting just in the morning and having 2 smaller meals at lunch and dinner. Intermittent fasting really does not have rules that are set in stone so it can be customised to meet individual needs and schedules. For me, intermittent fasting looks a little different as I cannot see myself skipping very many meals and I definitely don’t practice it all the time. Generally, I only chose to apply my method of intermittent fasting during “cutting” phases when I am trying to get my weight or bodyfat down. A very effective and efficient way for people like me who like to eat all the time is to strategicly fast either before or workout or first thing in the morning. This is done because first thing in the morning our bodies have already been fasting all night so starting the day with no food will force the body to use built up fat stores for energy verus say the breakfast we would normally eat. Same principal for not eating about 2 hours before a workout, our bodies do need energy to go hard in the gym but by giving around 2 hours for food to be digested again are bodies will be forced to burn saved up fat instead of say loading up on sugar before a workout and then just burning that off during the workout. That being said any type of fasting is challenging especially forcing yourself through a tough workout with minimal food before hand for energy but if you can push through the hard work will pay off with results! Everyone is different so figure out what works best for you can you personally and start practicing it now!

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