Many people these days are looking for a supplement for one thing or the other to give themselves an edge in the gym or boost their physique. Let me tell you, you can not supplement your way to hard work. The best supplements on the market are not going to make it easier for you to shape your body or get faster, stroner whatever it may be, that is a big misconception. Even the biggest best bodybuilders who although might be on steriods, did not get where they are because of steriods. You can not fake hard work! The whole point of supplements is to boost the effects of what you are already doing. If your workout schedule is in check, meaning you consistently complete your workouts while giving it your all, as well as your diet is bullet proof meaning your are only eating good clean whole foods then, only at this point should you even consider taking any suppements. You need a soild base and work effort in order for supplements to have any positive effect and not just burn a whole in your wallet. So, let’s say you’re at the stage where you’ve been very dedicated to getting in shape for a number of months at least and you think your are ready to begin taking “supplements”. First of all, I hope that any gym goer who lifts weights is already taking whey protein after workouts, I will leave this off of the list of supplements as it really is an essential part of making progress and it does come from natural sources. The supplements I will recommend for lifters at the appropriate stage are as follows: a daily multivitamin in order to support the physical excerstion that you put your body through as well as to fill any holes your diet may be missing. Along the same lines there is a well know supplement know as BCAA. This stands for branch chain amino acids which are a natural process which aid in protien synthesis (muscle built) and cannot be naturally produced in the body so must be taken either through diet or supplementation. The purpose of BCAA is to aid in building muscle after a hard workout and replenish the body with amino acids that were used during the gym session. Also, you may wish to add the naturally occurring Amino acid L-glutimine which is naturally produced in the body but likey not enough for a very hard working lifter. L-glutimine again aids in the building of muscle after a workout. All of the above supplements are relatively healthy and very safe and they all conveniently come in a powder form which I recommend adding to a post workout protien shake. Last but not least, we have the black sheep of supplements: creatine. This is a realitivly new supplement to be studied but it has showed promising results in adding power to muscle as well as making muscles look larger and more full. Creatine could take up a whole article so please do your research or read the upcoming article on creatine. To summarize, you just had a ton of information thrown at you and I would like to simplify to leave you without confusion. So, most importantly do not begin taking any suppementation before you have at least a few months of training and dieting under your belt aside from protien powder. Then, when you are ready to being taking supplements, I recommend only taking a daily multivitamin as well as BCAA and L-glutimine mixed into a post workout shake with the addition of creatine only if the appropriate research has been done. That’s it, no magical supplement to make your bigger faster or stronger. All you need is hard work and dedication so get to it!

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